Titles of Books authored by Jamaicans


Delbert and the Ginnal Woman by Paul Foreman

Delbert and the Ginnal Woman, A story of Luck, Insult, Love and Retaliation in Jamaica

Sometimes   There’s A Winner by Paul Foreman 
Sometimes There's A Winner

  Lessons To Learn by Ronnie Nasralla

A Good Home: A memoir By Cynthia Reyes

When Conchi Blows by Omar Sheriffe Vernon el Halawani
When Conchi Blows by Omar Sheriffe Vernon el Halawani

PEACE AND LOVE by Fulford Chin Choy PEACE and LOVE

The Jamaica Dictionary by Ray Chen
The JAMAICA Dictionary

Abbreviations Acronyms Glossary for American Readers by ErlynyouAbbrev Acrons DSC00583

How to Speak   JAMAICAN by Ken Maxwell
How to Speak JAMAICAN

Jamaican Chinese Worldwide 2004

Canadian Jamaican Chinese 2000
A Cook-Book with Jamaica Run-Dung by Teresa Clearycook book[1]  Kulanu The Jews of Jamaica Then and Now by Irwin M Berg
In the summer of 2007 my wife Elaine and I joined a project sponsored by Caribbean Volunteer Expeditions to record the inscriptions of the tombstones in a Jewish cemetery in Falmouth, Jamaica. I knew that Jews had settled in several regions in the Caribbean, but I knew nothing of the Jewish community in Jamaica. So the project attracted my attention.
THE JEWS OF JAMAICA by Joanne Newman


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