Thanks Appreciation Kudos & Gratitude
wishes to thank
the following persons for their unwavering support and help-
not necessarily in any particular order:

John C_L
Dr. Gene Burkett
Norman Hew-Shue
Danny & Lily Chinn
Arthur & Theresa Wong
Richard & June Chong
Patrick Skedron Smith
Neville Hoo
Dr. Paul Foreman
Cynthia & Hamlin Reyes
Fran Chin
Philip & Marge Young
Donald & Carmen Yee
Patrick & Loraine Lee
Fulford Chin Choy
Ian Telfer
Michael Buski Charley
Carl Lyew
Clive Fung
Frank Lim Shue
Patrick & Jacqui Chung
Ivanhoe & Diane Yee
Tony & Tibby Lee
Winston Gen Lyn
Noel & Norma Lyn
Addie Chin-Ogilvie
Laura & Eg Chin Loy
Beverly & Yukie Chin
Lily & Danny Chinn
Fr. Donald Chin You
Terry & Ada Kong
Neville & Jeanetta Hoo

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ A LifeLong ambishus endeavour~~~{:>}


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