Memba Dese Sintings


Buggas, boogas 

A ratty pair of old tennis buggas (boogas)

A ratty pair of old tennis buggas (boogas)



Crinoline, Moneague, Jippi Jappa Hats, dugout kunnu, Roaring River
Khaki trousers, Bog Walk gulge = marble;  buckup = found, came across
Muslim Cloth, fountain pen frocks, Silver Bucket; walk good always; respect
fobs, Banana Walk Pennyhaepenny; Silver Slipper Club; tenks mon
money fly;  mad ants prickly pear; ah wha yuh ah sey!; jah mon
pwakka pwakka; skylarking Pakkapeow, Pwakkapeow; Flat Bridge; Adastra
soda, creme, water crackers Jeyes; fatty boom boom; pencil box; puppalik
rubbing BLUE on bees sting Cut Bombay mango in half and scoop it out
Lifebuoy soap; bar soap Catch/play with Mudfish; Mineral Bath at Rockfort
Grunt fish; Poppy Show eating Blackie mangoes skin and all
Peeny Wallie (Firefly) Giddy House; cowgut = kitchen bitch
GOD Bless snapper fish Grammar School; time longah dan rope
Chebby Chase Game Linseed Oil on Cricket Bats; pee pee; wee wee
Rat Bats; Duppy Lizard Proof Rum; whites;   Limacol;   Bay Rum
Obeah; Guzoom locust (tinkin toe); ah fi mi disyah ting
Senseh Fowl; mad ants OsO Grape; Kola Champagne; Creme Soda
Nuttal Hospital; Jeyes Bruce’s, Briggs, curry, chicken Patties
Asylum; Ewarton; Yallahs Doncaster, Wareika Hill, Joong San Beach
etioti = otaheiti apple, Up Park Camp; rose apple; Castleton
Race Course; Drax Hall springe = bird trap; ah nuh suh it guh yuh kno
Lignum Vitae Tree of Life Patoo = Owl; trace mi nuh; Joong San Beach
barble dove; bald pate dove viregah; raw cha; bad/small minded; labrish
Potted Meat; Willy Penn Jamaica Arms Restaurant/Bar; strong back soup
dray cart; pram; crib mule; to rahtid man; mash up
Vienna Sausage Papine; Oracabessa; Moneague
Mangarine = large tangerine Sandwich   Spread; Palisadoes Road jettys
Luncheon Tongue fatty boom boom = obese person
Irish Moss; Rolling Calf zinc sheet = corrugated metal roofing
feefee = tin whistle sinting   = ting = thing; yuh mumma/puppah
chimmy = bed pan dis ‘n dat = this  and that; cobweb   = spider web
clammy cherry Moo Kee Lin = Chinese Dragon Dance
tomatis (cherry tomatoes) makka = thorn; lawd di makka juk mi!
heart, salad tomatoes hard ah hearing; trace = put mi dung
jook = poke rent a tile = dancing in one spot; coco bread
Red Gal Ring rahtid = emphatic emotional expression
Shame Lady plant speaky spokey; kukku makka = big rahtid stick
louse = lice jalousie = type of window shade; land crabs
wash = lemonade; Bammy Cold Supper Shop; patty; Adastra
stringers = small dumplings made in dah shade; Sirgany Swim; Bournemouth
Steel pans = steel drums Ow yuh mean suh? (why are you so mean?)
Escabeche = Escovitch feel up feel up; wickie wackie; AlTerry; Albion
dutty whine; brawta = extras; Doctor’s Cave; Heltshire
messaround; dungle; doan fudgecicle; rent-a-tile; kaan; naan; Blue Hole
single bible = Aloe Vera calabash = gourd; peenie wallie firefly;
Cerassee = bitter melon  rack mi brain = try to remember something
tun = turn Whappen/Whagwan man! = What’s happening/going on man!
cakroaches = carouches Asham = crushed roasted corn & sugar
Busta = stagga bak Rain ah Fall, Breeze ah Blow; Chicken Batty outta doh!
Calves Feet Jelly deh deh = emphatic ‘there’; Pineapple soda
naago = not going to teeny weenie = very tiny;  macca jook = thorn prick
bruk, brukup = break mashmouth   = all gums, no teeth
John Crow (Jancro) rown di kaanah (around the corner); Cable Hut
clappers =  thunderbolts calaban, Jettys along Palisadoes road
kusshu = cashew Coolie, red coat, yellow coat, June plum
dungle; Samfie man headtop, footbottom, neckback, nosehole

Chapelton, Chew Manga, Curatoe Hill, Gimme Me Bit,
Grateful Hill, Guananoa, Monymusk, Nairne Castle,
Old Woman Savanna, White Shop,

Blenheim, Fat Hog Quarter, Mosquito Cove,

Auchtembeddie, village, Flog Man, Flagaman, Ballyholly


Port Royal
Rackham’s Cay

Manchioneal, Shake-Hand Market Seaman’s Valley,
Shotover, Ythanside,

St Andrew
Duppy Gate, Wai Rua,

St Ann
Lower Tooting, Madras, Moneague, Prickly Pole,
Sturge Town , Try See

St Catherine
Guys Hill, Naggo Head, Time and Patience

St Elizabeth
Guthrie’s Defile, Gutters, Labour-In-Vain, Maggotty,
Me-No-Sen-You-No-Come in Cockpit Country, Middle Quarters,
Shoe myself Gate, Surinam Quarters , Vauxhall,

St James
Mount Horeb, Catadupa, Unity,

St Mary
Oracabessa, Guayguata (Wag Water River),

St Thomas
Corn puss gap, Hagley Gap, Lyssons, White Horses, Yallahs,

Barbecue bottom road, Breadnut bottom, Mahogany Hall,
Pantrepant, Potosi, Stettin, Stonehenge, Tyre, Wait-a-Bit,

Savanna-la-mar, Tommy Bush, Vinegar Hill

samfie ‎(origin Jamaica)
A confidence Trickster,
a Ginnal of dah Highest Echelon
one who pretends
to have supernatural powers.
A Demagogue even!
a person,
an orator or political leader,
who gains power and popularity
by arousing
the emotions, passions,
and prejudices others.

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