Jamaicanese Patois the Language of Jamaica & Jamaicans


Our JAMAICAN Coat of Arms Crest...OUT of MANY...ONE PEOPLE


MENU of Scotchies in Ocho Rios, one of the BEST JERK Foods on the north coast of Jamaica

MENU of Scotchies in Ocho Rios, one of the BEST JERK Foods on the north coast of Jamaica

is basically a PHONETIC type language…
formed from repeating actual ENGLISH words as they literally sound…
well almost…

Cow kills Owner and is explained in Jamaican Patois

Mistrial declared for accused Jamaican drug Smugglers

Jamaica Police arresting old granny selling ackee

These are some of the BEST authentic audio and examples of the Jamaican Patois language.



Si deh now!
Literal translation:  See that now!
Implied translation: See what is happening or what has happened!

Gwan bout yuh biznis:
Literal translation: Go on about your business!
Implied translation: Mind your own business!

Mine yuh own biznis, nuh!
Literal translation: Mind your own business!

Yuh too fas!
Literal translation: You are too fast!
Implied translation: You are too meddlesome!
Example use(s): Yuh know, yuh too fas!  Gwan bout yuh bizness!


~~S O M E     M O H~~

lawd ah massy! oonu too funneee…yuh krak mi hup!

Ah fi har ting dat man

Yeh sah, brotha man, di son wus merely tekking ah borrows!

Im ah tun wutliss. Im tun parasite pon yuh.

Ah jus ah mout mi fren!


But hoffisah yuh nuh si sey dem out fei mash up fimi biznis, ah begs yuh du sumting nuh?

But siyah Missa Chin, wha yuh hexpects mi fi du? Yuh nuh si sey ah too much ah dem?

Dats all ah waan fi  ears offisah!

Di nex man who fling a stone is a ded rass ckawt man.

Ebry dawg fine im yaad. Nuhbaddy nuh waan fi ded!

Mi time cum now.


Yuh ah taak rubbish man.

Mi was soo ungry mi cuddah nwam (nyam) wan arse…suh mi guh fi di Libbey’s bully beef…

Den how kum

Dem trang han powerful eh

It crass mi mine

Yuh mussa mad fi tru

Man yuh gud caan done

Mi nevva did realize, until yuh taak bout hit.

Put dat inna yuh own chillum pipe!

Guh smoke dat inna yuh pipe

Bway it tink to rahtid   to high heven

Dont romp wid Pussjuk. Dawg nwam (nyam) yuh suppah

A ah fi Aringe


“Teacher, Teacher, “Arry took di ammer han it mi pon mi ed”

“Hemphasize you hayches yuh hignorant hass, Arry took the ammer han it mi hon mi ed”


Wha ah gwan, bro?

Wheh yuh kibba yuh mout

Ah fi mi dis yuh kno!

What gwan, bro?

Lawd ah massy, wha wrang wid yuh, man!

Doan baddah mi!

Nuh baddah mi, yuh ear!

Wha appen, man!


Jah !

Time longah dan rope yuh kno!

Yuh too feicy!


Yuh face favah

Kiss mi bakside!

Chuh man!

Gimme sum nuh!

Gimme ah smalls nuh, missa Chin!

Nuh mek mi haffi cum dung deh, yuh kno!

Ansa mi nuh!

Ah suh yuh gwan!

Yjuh nose ah di gole pose!

Ah tru fi tru, yuh kno!

Gallan bout yuh bizness!


Hey Rasta!

Bwaoy yuh tun big man

Ah wha yuh ah sey!

Mi gaan ah mi yaad!

Ah bitch lik yuh ah look nuh!

Bring it cum nuh!

Lawd im tawk sweet!

Nuh mek makka juk yuh!

Gimme wan mango, nuh Miss Chin!

Ah nuh suh it a guh, yuh know!

Im lie eeeee!

Ow cum yuh suh choopid?


Ah doan kno!

Mi doan kno nutten!

Sumting like dat!

Summh like dat!

Sumtingy like dat!

Lawdy it tase bad!

Look yah!

Wait nuh!

Gud mawning

Gud mawning sah!

Tenk yuh, tenk yuh!


Ah fi mi pikney dem

Ah fi yuh pikney dem

Allah di ungry pikaninny dem nwam (nyam) up di patty pan full ah patty an crus

Yuh memba di chineyman dem use fi guh dung ah barry st fi play pakkapeow?

Dawg war ah maches lane mi caan guh dung dehsuh

Mi nuhknow dat

Mi nuh know dat man

Yuh kip badderin mi

Dem ah gimme badderation yuh know

Mi soon kum bak man

Hey man

Mi an mi puppa an mumma ah gaan ah farin

It jest rung dung di kaanah mi deah

Kiss mi foot

Dem nuh mek all kine ah rukus all nite lang

Mi did see yuh wan day las wik inna di Supah hah buy up wan baddu an yampi

Aaah breddaman, ebry time!

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