Jamaica Bays Coves Ponds

Starting Point at the Juncture of
Norman Manley Blvd, Fort Nugent Drive and Reef Avenue
(Harbour View)
then drive East around Jamaica to each Bay:

Bull Bay

Sugar Loaf Bay

Yallahs Pond

Yallahs Bay

Great Pond of Yallahs

Morant Bay

Lyssons Bay

Canoe Bay

Folly Bay

Holland Bay

Shell Bay

Innes Bay

Browns Bay near Town of Manchioneal

Long Bay near Town of Boston Bay

Boston Bay

Dragon Bay

Orange Bay northwest of Navy Island

Buff Bay

Palmetto Bay

Annotto Bay

Mahoe Bay

Salt Bay

Little Bay at Galina

Rio Nuevo Bay

White River Bay

Malards Bay

Tranquility Cove

Dolphin Cove at Dunns River Falls

Little Laughlands Bay

Runaway Bay

Discovery Bay

White Bay

Mahee Bay

Great River Bay

Sandy Bay

Tom Pipers Bay at Johnson Town

Cousins Cove

Industry Cove

Orange Bay  at Orange Bay

Bloody Bay

Little Bay

Bluefields Bay

Crab Pond Bay

Parkers Bay

Malcom Bay

Hunt Bay

Black River Bay

Parrotee Pond

Parrotee Bay

Starve Gut Bay

Billy Bay

Frenchmans Bay

Taino Cove

Pedro Bay

Boatmans Bay

Cutlass Bay

Alligator Pond Bay

Gautier Bay

Alligator Pond

Calabash Bay

Green Bay

Long Bay

Maccary Bay

Carlisle Bay

Jackson Bay

Holms Bay

Peake Bay

Colon Bay

Salt River Bay

Ridleys Bay

Colemans Bay

Coquar Bay

Manatee Bay

Wreck Bay

Louzy Bay

Hellshire Bay

Hellshire Sewage Pond

Great Salt Pond

Green Bay

Hunts Bay

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