Jamaica Fare

Jamaican Foods consists of a huge variety of tropical fruits and vegetables,
from which drinks and delicacies are made
with these very same fruits and vegetables.

Jamaican Drinks…the very first Jamaican Drink and libation
that comes to mind is  Red Stripe (beer); next is
Blue Mountain coffee; then there are several flavours of sodas,
and more!

 Jamaican Fruits include some fruits seemingly unique to Jamaica
and no other country such as  guinep (gynep}; coolie plums; sea grape;
rose apple; maccafat; stinking toe (tinkin toe / locus); soursop;
and more!

Jamaican Veges include tropical ones with names such as
callalloo; susumba; cerasee; watercress; yellow yam; yampi;
and more!

Ah yes! Delicacies…grater cake, gizzada (coconut),
asham (powdered corn & sugar); mattress cake; patties
and more!