HeyJAMAICAN.com is the collection of
my/our HAPPY MEMORIES of a time sooo very cheerful, delicious foods,
fresh fruits & seafoods, clean air & daily sunshine…
HEALTHY living…
although we ate/consumed lots of fats, butter, high cholesterol dishes…
but with a heavy dosage of daily outdoor activities soaking up free VITAMIN D,
and eating lots of veges with VITAMINS A, C, E…

presents the rich HISTORY & MEMORIES
of our early lives in PARADISE…JAMAICA…

Please tell us what you like about
JAMAICA living, visiting, growing up days…
please kip it CLEAN nuh!!!…{:>}

Love & Blessings


the  FIRST  such  BLOG  of  an  ISLAND-COUNTRY
for and all about JAMAICANS & Friends of Jamaicans
dedicated to all my fellow Jamaicans