Eat Drink Be Merry

Traditional authentic Jamaican recipes include
Jerk chicken, pork;
beef, chicken or curry patties;
stew peas; curried goat;
rice an’ peas;
curry chicken, shrimp, lobster;
oxtail & broad beans;
brown stew chicken (fricassee chicken) or fish;
tripe & beans; ackee & saltfish; escovitch fish; codfish fritters;
Johnny cakes; festivals (cakes);
fish tea (soup); pumpkin soup with drop dumplings;
red peas (kidney beans) soup;

Jamaican herbs
include many common and well-known names
plus many others unique to Jamaica.

When we talk about Jamaican peppers,
the first words are Scotch Bonnet (habanero), hot and tangy
but very distinctive aromatic flavour
and then there’s our local Bird peppers,
small elongated hot peppers!